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"The most important feature for this combo is overclocking stability, and it definitely has that."


The motherboard that Gen X Tech has chosen to supply with their Athlon combo is the Asus K7-M. A good choice given that this motherboard from Asus is currently considered one of, if not the, best Athlon motherboards on the market. While it is hard to find and very expensive, $150-175 due to its 6-layer PCB process its still has a lot of good features

The most important feature for this combo is overclocking stability, and it definitely has that. Even though it is only a decent overclocking motherboard it should have enough options to satisfy you unless you're trying to feed your processor speed (the drug). Yes, all Asus K7-M motherboards in this combo have the much talked about Super Bypass feature enabled. This is definitely a plus because it does enhance real world performance in almost all situations.

The floppy and hdd connectors are all in good place and don't block the circulation of air. Unfortunately the power supply connector makes it very hard to use a big cooler on your Athlon. The only way Gen X Tech can use the FKK 32 in this combo is buy modifying the second fan by making it smaller. The performance of the Asus K7M is on par with all the other Athlon motherboards currently on the market. Overall this is a good Athlon motherboard but future revisions will surpass it in every area. If you are going to be pairing this motherboard with a GeForce graphics card then make sure that you download the latest drivers it and patches for games.

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