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"This combo is excellently priced considering everything you get the processor, case, and motherboard."

The real question is, will it improve the real-world speed of my computer? Not unless you play games, and if you have to have the best of the best to play your games at the highest resolution with everything turned on then this is your processor and the GeForce 256 is currently your video card to rock and roll with baby! But the truth is, your word documents wont look any better or produce letters faster by having such a fast processor. The only reason for one of these powerhouses is computer gaming. If gaming is not important to you then there is not much reason for you to have anything more than 650 let alone 850.

Athlon 800mhz
SiSoft Sandra Scores
MIPS 2677

Multimedia Benchmarks
1691 it/s Integer/MMX
1105 it/s FPU/3D Now

Bus Transfer Rate
CPU 245 MB/s
FPU 206 MB/s

This combo is excellently priced considering everything you get, the processor, case, and motherboard. I could always say that the price is coming down, though. If you wait the price always will come down but you have to make the plunge sometime and just accept that fact.


The Athlon 800mhz model is a good deal especially with the discount that Gen X Tech gives you for mentioning Speedy 3D. It offers top-of-line performance that will keep you fragging happily until Quake 4. The GTX-912 Server Case is very good, and it is a very cool case when it comes to taking the heat away from your hardware. If you are looking for a new Mid-Tower case I would definitely give this one a look, as it is feature packed. The Combo will last you a long time if you can upgrade your video card every 6 months or at least once a year.

Deal: Gen X Tech is offering a special deal to all of you who read this review and here it is: You get a $75 discount and Free Shipping for Speedy 3D visitors on their 800 and 850mhz Full Athlon OC Combos. The deal that they are offering is available online only and you will have to mention Speedy 3D to get the price. The deal is good until March 10, 2000 and is they are selling you the same setup as the one I just reviewed. http://www.genxtechcomp.com/amd_occombos.htm

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.0 Performace - 9.0 Overall - 9.0

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