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"The Voodoo Card Cooler operates by blowing the hot air off the top of the card you want to chill."


The Voodoo Cooler features:
Two high output 52mm dual Ball bearing fans
The fans will last forever
This unit will make any card cool to the touch.
The cost is $24

Cooling Effect

First let's cover one of the more interesting specs that is overlooked all too often. What I am talking about is dual ball bearing fans. What is a ball baring? In the bearing there are several little steel balls around, so when axle rotates, the steel balls rotate too. As it's round, its friction is also less than sleeve bearing design. You can also rule out the disadvantage of leaking oil, so the life in use is longer. Dual Ball Bearings also last longer but cost more than single ball bearing or sleeve bearing fans.

The Voodoo Card Cooler operates by blowing the hot air off the top of the card you want to chill. You can freeze your video card, sound card, SCSI card, or even your modem with this cooler. That is one nice aspect of the cooler, as on no account have I seen a cooler that is as versatile as the Voodoo Cooler. You are probably wondering: does the cooling method work? Yes its, very effective, and as I mentioned earlier it can be used to cool any card you want. This cooler reduced my video card temp by 10-12F. This is one of the best video card coolers that I have ever come across. It also has 2 cooling fans that provide twice as much cooling power as most other video card coolers. Since there are so many good video card coolers on the market, why buy this one? Simply, it's a great cooler that doesn't void warranty like most other coolers. In fact this cooler, and The Card Cooler, are the only ones I know of that don't void your video card warranty.

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