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"This keyboard wasn't very comfortable, but was acceptable since it included a wrist rest."

This keyboard wasn't very comfortable, but was acceptable since it included a wrist rest. The wrist rest happens to be attachable for comfort and detachable for tight spaces, which is a nice feature. I found the wrist rest a little too floppy for me, and sometimes it became disconnected accidentally. It left me wishing that that it had snapped in somehow to make a firmer connection. I also enjoyed its nice standard layout, and noticed that it was a wider than average keyboard. Another advantage was that it included the standard number pad and arrow keys. It also features 3 standard windows shortcut keys that are designed to make it easier to launch programs. After all these great features, an expected one, while not really a feature, was no adaptation time, and that was the case.

Due to this keyboard's extremely low price of $20, a price rating of 9.3 was warranted. $20 definitely makes this keyboard a great value, especially when most good keyboards cost $40. Although this keyboard featured a wrist rest, it was still not exceptionally comfortable. Belkin's Classic USB Keyboard does have 3 Windows shortcut keys that will make it easier to launch programs. This has earned Belkin's Classic USB Keyboard a Performance rating of 8.5. With an above average performance and an excellent price this keyboard has earned an overall rating of 8.9. If you're currently in the market for a USB keyboard, I would seriously consider this one. This keyboard would also be a fine choice if price is your first priority and performance second. Belkin also sells more ergonomic models if that is your main criteria.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.3 Performance - 8.5 Overall - 8.9

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