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"This board ran extremely stable at many bus speed settings, I rarely encountered any problems."

On to the benchmarks...

forsaken mark: 640x480- 41.5 FPS
HD Tach*: read 13.7mb/ps cpu utilization 7.8%
Mainboard Mark: 97.3

forsaken Mark: 640x480 50.1 fps
HD TACH*: read 13.7 mb/ps cpu utilization 7.7%
Mainboard Mark: 119.6

The forsaken scores were so low due to the voodoo rush card! PLEASE Visit our sponsors I need a new video card!
*HD TACH tests the hard drive in many different ways, it tests the cpu utilization ect...

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.8   Performance - 9.1   Overall - 9.0

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