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I generally liked this game except I thought that it had an overall unpolished feel."

For the terran, there is 2 new units. First is the Medic, which has no attack but a few special powers. First it has the obvious ability to heal units, but they can do that by themselves not needing you to instruct them. They also have the power to blind any unit so that it cannot see anything around them. Next, the terran have the flying ship called the valkeryie. This missile boat has no ground attack, but has a powerful air attack that shoots out a fury of missiles to quickly destroy a fleet of enemy units.

For the Zerg, there are 2 more new units. My favorite new one is the lurker. This unit is evolved off of the hydrolisk and has the ability to attack units from underground. Next, there is the devourer. This unit is a flying unit that is evolved off of the multilisk. This unit has a very strong air to air attack that deals about 25 hp per hit. The Brood Wars expansion pack is a great addition to the starcraft game and a must have for all fans of the game.

I generally liked this game except I though that it had an over all unpolished feel, oh well, it is still a great game and I greatly recommend it!

by Ryan Wissman

Visuals - 8.0 Gameplay - 9.8 Overall - 9.4

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