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"Installation of the speakers went without a hitch, not that plugging in a pair of speakers can really be that hard."

This speaker system consists of 2 flat panel speakers (tuned by AUTHENTIC), and one small powered subwoofer The satellite speakers are 3 watts each and are 5.11"x.86"x6.89" (WxHxD), and weigh in at a light .59 pounds (including cables). Being only 7mm think, these speakers are extremely thin. The subwoofer unit is a more powerful 6 watts. The dimensions are 4.72"x4.96"x6.69" (WxHxD), and weighs in at a measly 2.2 pounds. In the box you will find a number of things including:

-a pair of 7mm think flat panel speakers
-one powered subwoofer
-a registration card
-2 speaker stands
-2 wall/monitor mounting brackets
-a thin manual
-audio cables (6 feet), and power adapter

Installation of the speakers went without a hitch, not that plugging in a pair of speakers can really be that hard. I simply unplugged my old pair of generic computer speakers, then attached the new Benwins to the sound card, plugged in the power cord, and I was done. It was as simple as that.

The BW2000's sell for a street price of $89.99, which is an extremely low price for this type of equipment. They come in both midnight black, and matte grey, so you can buy a color that goes with with your computer. One bad thing they did do to cut cost was use cheaper materials then they should have. The face plate on the speakers are made using thin piece of material that you could easily poke a hole through, or dent. Benwin also used a cheaper plastic then they could have for the speaker casing. If dropped, theses speakers could easily crack or break. I wish that Benwin could have used some higher quality materials for these speakers, it would be worth the extra $30-$40 for the added durability. This is the problem with a lot of the things I review, they are made cheaply to cut costs. (Check out the slimness of these speakers).

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