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"This neon light is definitely not for everyone."

I decided to use pieces of Velcro to hook the neon to the case. The neon hold well in place and you can still take it off in seconds if needed. Screw holes are present at each end of the neon so you can use some if you like for best results you will need a window in your case, but it's not necessary. I have seen a case with small neon behind the front bezel so all the light came out by the ventilation holes. Pretty nice! Those who got wheels on their case can also mount the neon under their case. Now here are a few pictures of my results.

Before it came to me, I thought the neon would use a lot of power and create some heat. I was wrong, it only requires 3 watts of power. This is about the same amount of power used by an average 80mm fan, and it barely creates any heat.


This neon light is definitely not for everyone. But if you are looking for that little something that will make your case stand out from the rest, this is it. Sure you have a little bit of work to do but isn't that half of the fun? It's not cheap though, the kit I got is worth $42. Some cheaper options are available too. Visit CaseEtc for all the details. You will see that the neon kits are not the only cool stuff that they sell.

by Jean-Christophe Turcot

Price - 6.0 Performance - 10.0 Overall - 8.0/10

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