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"On the external side of things this case looks great."

The Case

On the external side of things this case looks great. The case has a nice black exterior with a silver metallic (plastic) accent in the front. What's nice about this case is that it has removable side panels, attached with the almighty thumbscrew. Thumbscrews are great as the name suggests, one can effortlessly unscrew them without any tools.


For starters this case is nice and roomy. I was able to easily mount large ATX motherboards whilst no 5- inch drivers were installed, as they seemed to get in the way. The case also has four 3- inch drive bays, two external, and 2 internal. The two internal ones come on nice removable drive bay. I love these as it makes it much easier to install hard drives.

The case also adorns a front "easy access" port bringing the two USB ports, as well as the headphone and microphone jacks to the front of the case. This is a clever idea, though not unique to this case alone. Compaq and many other OEMs have been touting the "easy access ports in front for years now.

Just as the last case we reviewed, the colorcases.com 200 series does not come with a removable mainboard tray. This severely hurts this overall great case as it makes it a major pain when trying to replace, or service, the motherboard contained within. While I'm at it, the lack of drive rails puts a hindrance on this otherwise great case.

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