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"Another cool feature of this switch is 10/100 –Way Auto-Negotiation or forced mode."

The Half function will light up all the ports that have been forced into half duplex mode. This works much the same way that the 100M function does as you can set which ports you would like in half duplex mode. Next the Trunking mode when selected will illuminates a ports' LED that is currently working in trunk mode, this works the same way that the half and 100M functions work. You will cycle through the ports by clicking the set button, and once you have arrived at the port you would like to trunk simply hold the set button for a few seconds.

Second the last the Priority mode will light up all ports that are using this mode. You can cycle and select each individual port the same way as with Trunking and Half. Priority setting will allow for certain ports to receive priority in terms of bandwidth, this is great if you have certain computers on the switch that need the bandwidth more than others. Finally, the last function on the LED panel is Default. This will essentially return the switch to its factory settings, and remove any special functions you have setup, holding the set button down while this LED is illuminated will set all ports to default.

LEDs galore!

There is a wealth of LED indicators on the front, which has been somewhat described in the previous section. There are actually 25 LEDs total which makes it very simple to understand what is actually happening with the switch. There are also two buttons located on the left hand side, one is the "set" button, the other a "mode" button. Sixteen of the lights are arranged the same way the ports are so that one can view each port's activity. Every function one will perform on this router will be denoted by proper illumination of a LED.

Another cool feature of this switch is 10/100 –Way Auto-Negotiation or forced mode. By default this unit is set to auto-negotiate for the highest operation mode between nodes. This basically translates into the switch being able to automatically detect the best possible configuration for each port to maximize performance. The forced mode will allow the use to select the best possible connection if the switch couldn't do it properly.

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