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"My objective was to show you the enjoyment I experienced with Dell's modern helpful case."

Some better performance with the 7200rpm drives coming from the Dell system, but all in all, everything seems expectable here.

This next benchmark shows the downfall of both systems; the memory benchmarks. The RDRAM based board with the i820 chipset with its poor performance, and the KT133 chipset also showing its not so hot results. Luckily the KT133 chipset was spiced up with the added ingredients for the KT133A release.


My objective was to show you the enjoyment I experienced with Dell's modern helpful case. While the benchmarking results weren't a shock with this system, due to the performance hit with amateur DDR based system, I'm hoping this article raised an eyebrow with such an inspiring case. Exploring this case was just like opening your Christmas presents when you were eight. From the start, the case is just fun to play with, and you'll find yourself wanting to take it apart just to be happily amazed again. (I've taken it apart several times, looking to see how the whole thing was put together). There was no grinding metal, no stuck latches, and no hassle to get this puppy apart, OR put together. Basically all it took was the push of a button. There is security provided through a locking mechanism on the back, which can lock down your whole system for a nice "protected" feeling (it even locks the front button).

There were no apparent heat issues with the case due to the ventilation of the CPU, which left the rest of the system rather cool. Another impressive thing I noticed about the case was its silence. Sometimes it was difficult to tell if the system was on or off, and I think the sturdy supportive case really adds to this peaceful pleasure. It would be nice to see Dell and other case manufacturers continue with such a cooperative "user friendly" case, serving every style of the "computer user".

by John Heal

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