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"Diablo 2 is more evolutionary then revolutionary..."

Diablo was one of the first games to offer dedicated online play over Blizzard's own Battle.net system, which currently supports nearly all of Blizzard's current games. Diablo 2 is actually catered for the online players, of which there are bound to be legions of. Playing Diablo 2 online was nearly impossible at start, Battle.net's server's where overloaded at best with millions of people trying to play. This was a major disappointment, as Blizzard should have been prepared for this type of demand, other than that the online support is top notch with more secure measures taken to ensure fair play without out the cheating that befell the first game.


Diablo 2 is more evolutionary then revolutionary. The game just remakes many of the aspects of Diablo to perfection but leaves some key areas lacking like the story structure and online support, and since this game took more than four years to make there's no excuse as to why Blizzard could not bring the graphics up to date (at least resolution wise), as well as the AI, and create some more interesting maps to progress through. But after all of its failings Diablo 2 still remains a highly entertaining affair, there's that right mixture of gameplay that actually makes the task of finding new weapons and items as well as progressing level by level in general exciting, appealing to both newbies and Diablo fans alike.

by Fred 'Doomie' Agza

Graphics - 5.0 Sound - 9.0 Gameplay - 8.5 Originality - 8.0
Overall - 8.0/10

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