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"Currently, you can buy the player in six different colors..."

The Player

Our test D'Music MP3 player came with 64MB of memory (32MB internal + 32MB external SmartMedia card). SmartMedia memory cards are very small and paper-thin which makes them perfect for both MP3 players, and digital video equipment. Generally, you can store about 30min of music on 32MB of memory, so 64MB would translate into about 60 minutes, or one hour, of listening time. While this is not very much, you can always buy additional 16MB or 32MB SmartMedia cards, which would give you even more listening time.

Currently, you can buy the player in six different colors: Silver, black, iblue, ipink, igreen, and clear transparent. Our test unit was the igreen version, and was transparent to allow you to see the inner workings of the MP3 player - pretty cool. The player's outer shell is constructed of sturdy plastic, which can take a licken' and keep on tickin' (or playing, in this matter).

Available on some second and even first generation MP3 players is a built in voice recorder. Being able to store about four and a half hours of recording time on our unit's 64MB of memory, this feature can come in quite useful. Great for recording lectures and presentation (or even your grocery list), this provides a great alternative to taking hand written notes.

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