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"Sound quality of the D'music was excellent."


As said earlier, the signal to noise ratio of the D'Music was a brilliant 90db (which is very close to a normal CD player's 95db). While assessing the sound quality we played a number of MP3s ranging from classical to hard-hard rock. We also used different MP3 files ranging from 32Kbps up to 192Kbps.

Sound quality of the D'music was excellent. MP3s played back crisp and clear, and the volume levels were exceptionally high (though it could have been a little higher). There was no noticeable hiss or distortion during playback, which was to be expected. Not much more can be said about the audio playback, it was great, and we had no major quarrels with it. The sound quality of the included voice recorder's playback was also very good, making it a perfect solution for


Overall the Pine D'Music is a fine product, which performed quite well in our testing. Pine created a good sounding, easy to use MP3 player that had no major problems whatsoever. The lack of USB support, a non-backlit LCD, and only 32MB of internal memory bar us from giving it our top marks. If you are looking for a good well rounded (and priced) MP3 player Pine's D'Music is an excellent choice that is if you can see past its drawbacks.

by Ryan Wissman

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Price - 7.0 Performance - 6.5 Overall - 7.0/10

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