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"Elsa's vanilla TNT2 card comes clocked at 125/150 MHz (125MHz core, and 150MHz memory)."

Elsa's vanilla TNT2 card comes clocked at 125/150 MHz (125MHz core, and 150MHz memory). You can buy it in 2 different versions, one with and one without TV out, and with either 16, or 32 MB of memory both versions have a 300Mhz ramdac . The particular version I tested was the version without TV out, and had 32 MB of SDRAM. I know you have seen them a million times before, but here are the ERAZOR III's tech specifications:

-Nvidia TNT2 Chipset
-2048x2048 max texture size support
-32-bit rendering with 24-bit Z-buffer
-AGP 2x/4x texturing support
-Alpha Blending textures
-Anisotropic Filtering
-Bilinear Filtering
-Bump Mapping
-Environment Mapping
-Gouraud Shading
-MIP Mapping
-Hardware Triangle Setup
-Perspective Correction
-Specular Highlights
-Subpixel Precision
-12GFLOP Floating Point Geometry
-Texture Mapping
-Trilinear Filtering
-Twin Texel Engine
-8-bit Stencil Buffer
-Single pass Multitextureing
-Support for 3D REVELATOR Glasses
-32 MB On Board SDRAM
-300MHz Ramac

There are also a ton of other technical features this card supports, but I figured you have already seen them a million times. Now, if you are still awake, let's continue.

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