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"Despite having only a lowly heatsink on the chip, I found the ERAZOR III a good candidate for overclocking."

Despite having only a lowly heatsink on the chip, I found the ERAZOR III a good candidate for overclocking. Although, it did get some extra cooling from my, The Card Cooler (review here). I was able to overclock it up to around 130-133 MHz core speed, and 160-164 MHz memory speed, which is not too bad for a card without a fan! Now, on to the NONE-OVERCLOCKED benchmarks of the card. I tested the card in a number of area's including, Quake 2 test demo1, and Unreal Flyby demo. I am sure you have already seen a million benchmarks, so I didn't do too many. Here was the system I tested on:

Celeron 300 (not A)
64 MB of Corsair PC 100 RAM
Abit BH6 mainboard
Soundblaster LIVE! Value
Creative 56k modem
Widows 98
Elsa ERAZOR III w/32mb
Maxtor 10GB 5400 RPM HD

Quake 2 - DM1

x32 - 53.8 FPS
x16 - 59.4 FPS
x32 - 38.3 FPS
x16 - 44.1 FPS
x32 - 16.1 FPS
x16 - 21.8 FPS

Unreal - Flyby demo

x32 - 21.4 FPS
x16 - 23.8FPS
x32 - 19.9 FPS
x16 - 21.2 FPS
x32 - 10.2 FPS
x16 - 14.3 FPS

In both of these tests the fact that my celeron was not an A with the 128k of cache, really hurt the performance.

Overall, the Elsa card is a good "value" card, not really a gamers card. The Erazor III is good for gaming at 800x600x32, and should be able to handle all the new games coming out. But, if you MUST play games at 1024x768x32 with all the features, and don't have a super fast CPU, then you should not get this card. I am smacking it with an overall 7.9 because for the price, this is one good TNT2 "light" card.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance - 7.2 Overall - 7.9

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