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"I give it a 10.0 for performance as it easily enhance my scrolling experience."

You really should read the review section if nothing else. The verdict section isnít as detailed and doesnít cover any questions you would have about the mouse pad. I give it a 10.0 for performance as it easily enhance my scrolling experience. For Price it gets a 10 because I never thought a mousepad of this quality would be available at such a low price. With the any of the Everglide mousepadís you are getting a great mousepad at a low price. This is also one sturdy mousepad which is backed by a lifetime warranty. So, Overall, I give it a 9.5 because it wasnít comfortable for my wrist until I made the adjustments stated in the above article. But, I would expect most of you to have a rubber foam mouse pad at home so this should be no problem whatsoever. My recommendation is that you go out and buy this mouse pad. A good upgrade for $20! Who ever thought that would be possible? (The 2 attack pads side by side for comparison).

by Kevin Perko

Price - 10.0 Performance - 10.0 Overall - 9.5

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