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"With support for up to 1GIG of memory the extra DIMM slot is needed."


The proper installation of a Mainboard can be one of the hardest computer upgrades you can install. Thankfully FIC includes a handy little manual to help guide you through the installation procedure. For the majority of us installing a Mainboard is no problem, but then again it isn't easy either.

Installation of the Mainboard from start to finish took me about 20 to 30 minutes. There were no notable problems whatsoever. This was a pretty routine Mainboard installation.

Board Layout

The FIC KA-11 looks much like most 440BX boards, and at first glace you may not be able to tell the difference. One notable addition was the inclusion of a 4th DIMM slot. With support for up to 1GIG of memory the extra DIMM slot is needed. Secondly you might notice that the AGP port looks slightly different then your current port, this is because of the new AGP 4x support. I did also notice that the 694X North Bridge chip was not covered by a heatsink (even though most of the 440BX boards do have one), though while testing this did not cause any heat related problems.

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