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"This case is actually a Yeong-Yang Lunar YY-5042 before any modifications are made."

The case

This case is actually a Yeong-Yang Lunar YY-5042 before any modifications are made. The three 5 1/4" drive bays are fairly easy to reach, and require no additional metal rails to be attached to the drives as on many other cases. You simply slide in the drives, and attach them with a couple of screws.


Four additional drive bays are available for 3 ½" size drives, one of which sits atop the 5 ¼" drive bays for a floppy drive. The whole carriage is detachable, requiring only one screw to reattach. This allows very easy installation of Hard Drives, and 3 ½" floppy drives. The middle slot on the carriage is available for a Zip drive; leaving two other slots open for anything else.

Inside the case there is enough room for almost any Mainboard, even a Pentium Xeon based one. The only grievance I have here is that there is no removable Mainboard plate, as you are forced to slide you Mainboard carefully in and attached it at the designated points. This is a big disappointment as I really hoped a case geared for Overclockers would contain this feature. Oh well, maybe in the next revision?


Unlike most ATX cases, the front bezel is actually fairly attractive. With curvy surfaces abound, a color on the front, this case looks somewhat like a Compaq OEM case. While the base color is still the same old crème, the front bezel comes in a dark translucent green. The only problem I could dig up with the front bezel was that the two buttons corresponding to the 3 ½" floppy drive as well as the Zip drive were very easy to break off if you're not careful as I so miserably found out.

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