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"You'll probably want to pass on this KX133 Mainboard."


Upon first entering the BIOS I was greeted by a nice blue screen reminiscent of most other Mainboards on the market today. For anybody who has ever used an AMI BIOS you should be right at home as there were very few features that I didn't recognize right off the bat. The only unique place in the BIOS was the Chipset features setup screen, which is where you'll find your AGP aperture size, AGP speed, as well as DRAM timings and latency.

Final thoughts

Well, should you buy the Gigabyte GA-7VM? You'll probably want to pass on this KX133 Mainboard. While I must give Gigabyte credit for building a very solid Mainboard based on the highly popular VIA KX133 chipset, the lack a features, as well as not enough PCI slots hold me back from recommending it to anybody other than somebody wanting to build an Athlon system on the cheap (about $120).

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance - 6.5 Overall - 7.0/10

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