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"At its heart Ground Control (GC) is clearly of the C&C genre, but to call it a clone would be incorrect."

Another C&C Clone it is then

At its heart Ground Control (GC) is clearly of the C&C genre, but to call it a clone would be incorrect. The key reason being that in GC there are no bases to build or resources to manage, with the exception of your units of course, gone are the ammo bays, factories and command centres and in comes total centralisation on the units at your disposal. GCs all about strategy, plain and simple.

As such the world around you is an unusual one, despite the eye-catching graphics, environments themselves are designed to be tactically useful. Grass, rocks, trees, hills, sun shadows and even the slightest change in ground elevation can mean the difference between life and death, success and loss.

Before beginning each level you are presented with a mission briefing and then allowed to assign troops and units to a drop ship, whereupon entering the map you use the drop ship(s) to well, drop your units. From that point onwards the games about tactics and survival, using every inch of the map to your advantage if possible.

As enthralling as a stripper at your best mates bachelor party, GC takes over your senses and pummels you into a world of thought and luscious action. You command units in pre-define groups and not alone, the only unit you can command alone is the 'Command APC'. Everything from troops to tanks and even fliers come in groups of 3 to 8, depending on mission and unit type.

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