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"We hear rumours that ATI's Rage Fury MAXX can give it a good run for its money..."


That aside and even without updated Dx7 and OGL, the card can still push information just above that of a TNT2-Ultra. This makes our Guillemot card the most cost effective we have ever seen with its staggering performance leap.


The interesting thing is that all the tests we performed were on virtually un-optimised systems. We didn't even overclock the card because there was no need to take it above the intended levels as it worked faster than anything as it was. The 2D side of the card is also top notch with support for DVD and all the usual, but then nothing much has changed aside from that. Having only seen and used two GeForce cards, we can't be experts. However in our humble opinion the SDR cards give greater value for money than DDR ones and outstrip almost every other card on the market.

We hear rumours that ATI's Rage Fury MAXX can give it a good run for its money, since ATI haven't sent us a card we can't attest to this. However like it or not, agree with it or hate it, The 'Guillemot GeForce Prophet-SDR' is the single most impressive card we have seen to date. With S3's Savage2000 and 3dfx's VooDoo4/5 coming along, it'll certainly be interesting to see who wins out.

For now, Guillemots card remains the best we have seen when it comes to cost and performance on an equal scale. However there is one drawback, owners of Athlon Boards may come across problems, from games hanging in mid play too the 3D Speed being very slow (still faster than TNT2-Ultra). This is due to a bug in the AMD AGP bus that can only be truly fixed by disabling AGP transfers. It happens the worst on VIA boards like the Asus K7M but still occurs on most others.

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