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Specifications & Features

Auto Synchronization range
Horizontal: 31 - 96 kHz
Vertical: 50 - 180 Hz

Maximum resolution
1600 X 1200

Maximum refresh rates
640 X 480 @ 160 Hz
800 X 600 @ 145 Hz
1024 X 768 @ 115 Hz
1280 X 1024 @ 85 Hz
1600 X 1200 @ 75 Hz

Video clock frequency
203 MHz

Microprocessor presets
Standard setting: 5
User Programmable: 21

Signal cable
15 pin D-sub/USB optional*

CRT 19"
(18" viewable image size) Super-FST flat, square tube with Hitachi's exclusive PrecisionFocus technology. 0.22m horizontal dot pitch, 0.14mm vertical dot pitch. Multi-step dynamic focus. Auto- Astigmatism correction. Black matrix with Invar Shadow mask. High contrast, anti-static, anti-glare coat. 367 mm X 276 mm viewable image area.

761 New super-high contrast, ultra short neck tube is 15 % brighter.

Digital Controls
Power, True-Color RGB, white balance (9300K, 6500K, 5000K, and user defined), brightness, contrast, H/V position and size, rotation, pincushion (side and right), trapezoid, right trapezoid, degauss, memory store, H/V moiré on/off, H/V moiré adjustment, language select and EasyMenu on-screen control, convergence.

Power Supply
120/240 V (auto-adjusting), 50/60 Hz. 125 W typical (4 W at power off) (5 W at power off with USB module) 761- 5W at power off with USB, 3W without USB.

17.6" W X 17.9" H X 15.5" D (55 lbs.), including detachable tilt/swivel base.

*USB is optional - requires Hitachi USB module that is purchased separately.

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