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"The CM761U definitely falls into my recommended list for 19" monitors..."

With plenty of other 19" monitors out there, the CM761U definitely holds it's own against the competition with the super crisp 0.22 mm dot pitch, short-neck "footprint" (depth) and excellent refresh rates at given resolutions. If workspace is a big concern and you are looking for a monitor to save you the most workspace then the CM761U is a viable choice to pick from. Aside from the minor banding to one side of the monitor and the curved screen I was very impressed with the CM761U as the flicker-free refresh rate kept my eyes from getting tired. Although the monitor does support USB, I would have liked for it to come as part of the package and not sold separately. With an ESP of $549 and an ESP of $ 79 for the USB module the CM761U has been fairly priced. Although it would have been nice to see USB included and not sold separately. By November 9th the CM761U should be readily available throughout major resellers.

The Hitachi CM761U definitely falls into my recommended list for 19" monitors as it can save you needed space while at the same time provide you with the comfort and superior image quality that you'll need.

by Eddie Turizo
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Text Quality - 9.0 Graphics Quality - 10 Features - 9.5
- 9.5

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