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"HW is certainly an experience that crosses the Action and Strategy genre re-bourn by C&C several years ago with the depth and freedom of space pleasingly well"

Our home is gone, our people annihilated and our hope vanquished along with the flames that blew over our planet only hours ago. They say that the strong survive; yet we were not strong, we will have to be to survive. Every moment of every day is shrouded in confusion and wonder as we try to predict when the next attack will be and when once again we fail to stand up to the forces that pursue us so avidly. Tired of running and with the knowledge that somewhere out in the vastness of space our original home world still lies in existence, we must carry on. Any day now I expect to see one more of my friends die, slaughtered mercilessly by the streaking demons of the sky that marks us with death day after day. Before we can step further into the void we must fight, fight to stop ourselves dieing and fight for the future of our race. No longer will we be chased, hunted and then killed for our home world is our saviour. Now it's their turn to die.

This is StarWars but with style

Having played Homeworld (HW) for literally two days solid since it arrived in the post and being utterly consumed by it's universe, I feel now is a good time to put my views across. Initially I ignored this game in its early stages of development, even shrugging off the early beta through the test program as a little flimsy and lacking depth. Since then some months have passed, the game is more balanced, graphics and engine have been tweak and so is it any better? I'm sure a lot of you would want me to sum it up in one word so that then you may return to your every day lives, unfortunately I'm going to make you read on. Thankfully HW doesn't make people suffer so if you really want to know more about the in and out's around the game, read on.

HW is certainly an experience that crosses the Action and Strategy genre re-bourn by C&C several years ago with the depth and freedom of space pleasingly well. Due to this the developers are clearly aware that a lot of us would rather concentrate on playing the game then pressing lots of keys to do various commands. In so doing they have made the interface and general navigation and operation inside the HW universe extremely easy. For the more advanced there are more detailed commands that can be binded to keys, for those just wanting to concentrate on the action then you will only ever need three things to press. The left and right mouse button can control essentially the whole game, although tactical map and long distance movement require the use of two additional keys.

With less to think about in the way of keys you should get relaxed into thinking you have nothing to think about, like any modern C&C (Bar C&C:TS) the AI of your own and the oppositions craft is pleasingly a challenge. Obviously given the fact that space is 3D, you no longer have two dimensions of movement to consider and this can be used in all ways imaginable. In an instant the playing field becomes fast and the level of competence required increases exponentially.


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