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"If you thought it was too expensive to buy a new motherboard for ATA/66 support, here is your alternative."

Very affordable and an excellent stocking stuffer for someone you know that owns at ata/66 drive without an ata/66 capable motherboard. One of the best upgrades you can buy. If you thought it was too expensive to buy a new motherboard for ATA/66 support, here is your alternative. It will also save you the big hassle and an ulcer that installing a new motherboard causes. The low price is of the best features about this card. If you were thinking about SCSI or ata/66 I would definitely buy an ata/66 hard disk drive and get this controller card. SCSI doesn't offer a massive performance increase over ATA/66, but does offer a massive price increase.


For price Leadtek's WinFast ATA/66 Card has earned itself a 9.5 rating. At a price of $39, it's one of the cheapest ATA/66 card currently available on the market. It is also a far cheaper alternative than SCSI. For performance this card has earned itself a 9-point rating. There isn't much it can do except let the drive reach it's full potential which it does. Of course SCSI is faster but far more expensive and with 7,200 rpm IDE drives coming out, SCSI is losing ground fast. Overall this product has earned itself a 9.3 rating by boasting strong features and a good performance/price ratio. If you own an ATA/66 hard drive I would highly recommend buying this add-in card to allow the true performance of your drive to show. This is also an excellent gift if you know someone who needs support for more ide devices, or would like to have the option.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.6 Performance - 9.2 Overall - 9.4

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