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"The layout of the Winfast GeForce2 GTS board seems to be very close to the Nvidia reference design."

What's she got?

Included in the box are of course the card (this is very important), the driver disk, and a second disk with Colorific, and the included Winfast DVD player (which is closely based on Intervideo's WinDVD). Leadtek also included a somewhat flimsy 26-page manual that has nothing more than instructions for installing and using the GeForce 2 GTS card.

The layout of the Winfast GeForce2 GTS board seems to be very close to the Nvidia reference design. My review unit came without the optional TV-Out, but Leadtek tells me this should change very shortly. The board is also fitted with an unusually large fan/heatsink combo overtop of the GeForce2 chip. Combine this with the more efficient .18-micron manufacturing process and the 6ns DDR SGRAM that the GeForce2 uses and this board should make for some good Overclocking.

Like the GeForce before it, this card fully supports hardware T&L (transform and lighting), and all the other bells and whistles that we have come to expect from the GeForce line of cards. The clock rate has been increased to 200/333 MHz, offering 800m pixels per second and up to 1.6giga texels per second. The only real notable new feature supported by the GeForce2 is per pixel shading, which from what I have seen, looks to be a really cool new feature. Let's just hope that developers will incorporate it into their upcoming games.

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