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"Fully supported in the GeForce2 series is hardware motion compression."

There are also menus for gamma correction, and a general tab for information such as chipset, revision number, and driver version currently in use. The drivers are quite well done, though there is nothing notably special about them (unlike Elsa's which have the awesome SmartRefresh, and SmartResolution software).

Hardware Motion Compression

Fully supported in the GeForce2 series is hardware motion compression. Hardware motion compression is mainly used to help speed up software DVD playback on some slower and less capable PCs. We tested this option with two of the most popular software DVD players on the market, Cyberlink PowerDVD 2.55, and Intervideo WinDVD 2000. Both speed and visual quality in WinDVD was good, and there were no problems whatsoever found. PowerDVD on the other hand was a different story. It seems that all drivers based on Nvidia's 5.xx reference drivers simply don't work with PowerDVD. This isn't Cyberlink's fault; Nvidia needs to release better drivers to fix this problem.

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