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"All the USB Devices I tested it with worked perfectly from the time I plugged them in."

Specs (Features)
Access Up to 4 Universal Serial Bus Devices Simultaneously from a Computerís USB Port. Runs with USB Digital Cameras, Scanners, Joysticks, Keyboards, Hard disks, Mice, Floppies, Modems, Phones, Printers, and More! Offers Simultaneous Access to All Devices -- Print, Scan, Web Surf, and More at the Same Time Fast 12Mbps Data Transfer Rate -- Perfect for High-Speed Scanners, Video, Printers, and More Daisy-Chain Multiple USB Hubs Together for Easy Future Expansion Plug-and-Play Compatible with Windows 95 & Windows 98 for a Quick Setup Fully Hotswappable -- Attach or Detach Devices with Power On Supports Both Isochronous and Asynchronous Data Transfers for Wide Device Compatibility Built-in Data Collision Control -- Protects Data Integrity when Using Multiple Devices Runs in Both Bus & Self-Powered Modes -- Hub Powers Itself Off Any PCís USB Port, Or Use the Included AC Power Adapter Extensive Use of VLSI Components for Reliability FCC Class A & B Approved Free Technical Support 1-Year Limited Warranty

Model No. USBHUB04 Standard: OHCI, UHIC, and Universal Serial Bus Standard v1.0 Port: 1 Root Port; 4 Device Ports High Speed: 12Mbps (for cameras, printers, and other high speed devices) Low Speed: 1.5MBps (for keyboards and other low-speed devices) Data Modes: Isochronous and Asynchronous Max Devices Supported: 127 (when daisy-chaining hubs together) LEDs: 1 Power LED, 4 Port LEDs Power: DC6V, 1A Dimensions: 100 x 130 x 35mm Weight: 180g

All the USB Devices I tested it with worked perfectly from the time I plugged them in. I fail to find anything wrong with this Linksys 4-port USB Hub. To start things off, it is easy to install. Has no drivers and no compatibility problems with the other devices. Now weíre onto price. While not the cheapest Hub on the market, its still a good deal for $35. This is a very short review but there isnít really much to say about this. I have chose to just keep it short and now we are onto the ratings. Iím giving this thing 9 for price because while there are cheaper USB Hubs on the market, this is still a good price. For performance Iím giving it a 10 because it worked flawlessly. My only complaint was that I would like to have a 6-port USB HUB for this price. Perhaps we will see 8-port USB Hubs for $40 in the future. Overall its getting a 9.5, as there isnít anything wrong with it.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.0 Performance - 10.0 Overall - 9.5

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