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"One thing you have to understand about the MDK2 universe is that it's set on a scale much large than yourself..."

Big bad guys make us ***** our pants!

One thing you have to understand about the MDK2 universe is that it's set on a scale much large than yourself; three fold larger in fact. Enemies tower above you and structures seemingly manage to unearth with their scale.

The AI (artificial intelligence) on the various bad guys you come across is nothing special, they jump, dodge and run around a lot, but they aren't very clever. This seems more to do with the game design than the AI; aliens are designed to be a bit nuttier than your average foe.

It's a pity the AI is so limited because your foe are already pretty easy to dispatch, giving them the ability to fly or jump strafe around could've improved the overall depth. That aside and the action is still fast paced enough to enjoy, not to mention that you don't really care how clever they are when confronted by a horde of 20 or so, happens a lot.

At the end of the day MDK2 is a pure bread action game with enough innovation to keep you playing right through to the very last. The bosses can be colossal in size and world around you is on a truly awesome scale, what MDK2 lacks is multiplayer. We couldn't imagine a more satisfying experience, gliding down through a DM arena with bullets whizzing by from ear to ear and you, battling against 10 other players. Sadly there's no multiplayer, a serious oversight in the original, totally unforgivable in the sequel!

To sum things up, the gameplays still fairly original and often provokes a challenge while rewarding success with cute little cut scenes and unfunny jokes, hurray. It's hardly ever repetitive and addiction can be quite high at times, overall the games just a whole bucket load of fun to play, FULL STOP. Pity it's so similar to the original.

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