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"A good sequel, but one that fails to make the best use of modern hardware and seems aimed firmly at children..."

Once a Matrix, always a Matrix

There are certain points in the game where you could almost swear the music was based off of that popular 'The Matrix' rock beat. Not that it's a bad thing, the action in the matrix could easily be contrast against that of MDK2 and indeed the music does fit quite well. Then there's the sound effects, strong and of extremely high quality but with a serious lack of 3Dsound standard support.

DirectSound3D is supported, but for some reason kept disabling itself and there is no native A3D or EAX to be had. The sound is one area that really gives you a sense of being; each one fits the character and weaponry in the game perfectly. Ambient noise is cleverly devised and the whole universe simply comes alive to your ears.

The Verdict

MDK2 is a gorgeous looking game with top quality music, sound and graphics, however the gameplay has faults. The scientist character is just plain silly and the in-game jokes and cut-scenes are childish or completely unfunny. The atmosphere may exist, but those that played the old MDK may not find themselves familiarising with the new.

It's basically MDK with better graphics and sound, yet poorer presentation (aimed at children more than adults) and 'done' play styles. That said and the game itself is still fun and original for those that didn't play the first incarnation, however those that did could get bored around half way through.

A good sequel, but one that fails to make the best use of modern hardware and seems aimed firmly at children, still fun tough, just not GREAT FUN. Oh and which idiot decided multiplayer was a bad idea for this game!? Huh?

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 8 Sound - 8 Gameplay - 7 Originality - 7
Overall - 7.5 (75%)

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