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"All of this action is seen through a variety of pre-chosen camera angles to add that 'Resident Evil' cinematic feel."

There is then a set time in which you must run and hide before the guards are recalled back to their old positions and your radar is returned. Not particularly inspiring AI but the guards are not that stupid, you may find that firing off a volley of machine gun bullets and then crawling back in a air conditioning duct just won't fool them, as a grenade follows in after you. So the main emphasis is on a non-contact stealth strategy, as taking on the guards can get dangerous, especially for the ol' health level.


Your main goals are geared towards finding different people within the base, getting more plot information and higher levels access cards out of them, dispersed with a variety of 'bosses'; from a pistol shooting cowboy, a stealth ninja to a leather clad physic throwing room items at you. To help you achieve these goals, there is a boatload of tools and weaponry to pick up along the way. The most famous is probably the cardboard box which you can hide under, but there are stun and chaff grenades for disabling men and machines, a sniper rifle to take them out from afar, a simple silenced pistol, rations to increase your health and even remote-controlled rockets. The list is pretty long and as you acquire different hardware, surprise surprise you happen upon a variety of puzzles geared towards that new item.

A View to a Kill

All of this action is seen through a variety of pre-chosen camera angles to add that 'Resident Evil' cinematic feel. Expect top down views in corridors or back up against a wall and the camera will shift to a view peeking around the corner. This may add to the atmosphere of the game but can be annoying if you are trying to blast away a line of guards. Thankfully the arenas are not pre-rendered and a first person perspective can be used. This view was not in the original Playstation version of the game but was made part of the 'Integral' release in Japan.

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