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"The story is very absorbing just as the original was, I loved playing this game."

The story is very absorbing just as the original was. The voice narration's are very clear and and well done and add much needed atmosphere to the game. The game is set a few years in the future after myth I. Soulblighter has returned with shiver, and have started resurrecting the dead for their armies, wanting only complete and utter destruction. King Alric must again save the world wielding his powerful armies.

The graphics have been pretty much unchanged since myth I. Still taking advantage of 3dfx (little d now) Glide, and direct 3d the graphics remain crisp. New to the game are moving objects in the environment. Early in the game you must sneak inside of an enemy castle, and lower a drawbridge to let your forces in. There are also falling rocks, rotating wind mills ect... New effects such as burning grass, and fireballs are also a welcome new addition. Overall I loved this game, although I thought it offered nothing new to the original games single or multiplayer, it has remained one of my favorites.

by Ryan Wissman

Visuals - 8.7 Gameplay - 8.8 Overall - 8.8

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