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"...there's no excuse not to buy one of these bad boys."

What are the options?

Basically the first four dipswitches are for CPU speed and adjustment, the last two are for voltage control. The four speed adjustment switches' options range from a slow 300MHz up to an incredible 1200MHz (that's 1.2GHz!!) in 50MHz increments. Voltage options range from a rather high 1.75v all the way up to 2.05v. While most of the time you will need to higher the classic Athlon's stock voltage to achieve higher speeds, it troubles me that this card doesn't even give you the option of anything lower than 1.75v. Most of the time this should not pose much of a problem, but why higher the voltage if you don't have to?

The Verdict

The Overclockerz GFD is not a bad card. If only it integrated L2 cache speed adjustments as well as a lower minimum voltage setting. The bargain basement price of $20 does an excellent job of countering these two drawbacks by offering a solid GFD to everybody. Now there's no excuse not to buy one of these bad boys.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 9.5 Performance - 8.0 Overall - 8.0

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