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"One of the more 'famous' Athlon coolers is the GlobalWin FKK32."


To test the Alpha P7125 I used an AMD Athlon 500 on a SD11 rev 1.8. To test temperature I used a temperature probe, which sends readings to my motherboard monitor. While running on the default speed of 500MHz the processor (core) was able to stay at a consistent 49C. There were no Overclocking tests conducted, as Overclocking materials were unavailable to me.

GlobalWin FKK32

One of the more 'famous' Athlon coolers is the GlobalWin FKK32. Using a larger heatsink (though not as large as the Alpha's) and the same 2 50 CFM fans as the Alpha this cooler is set to be very competitive. Oh, and did I mention it is priced at over $20 cheaper than the Alpha P7125?

The FKK32 does not have any special features such as the copper base plate or an overly large heatsink, but it does have one thing, good performance. Installation of this unit was also easier because there was not parts that needed to be put together nor was there any special prep work to be done. This unit is also slightly shorter than the Alpha making it an easier fit in some smaller motherboards.

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