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"If you install it upside down you will burn your CPU in seconds."


The kit is meant to work on a naked P3 SECC2 (slot 1). So you will need to remove the plastic cover from the CPU. This is very easy to do. The plastic cover is held on the CPU by two pins going through the CPU. You have to squeeze and push them out of the CPU.

The peltier unit itself will also need some preparation. You have to apply some silicon all around the unit, between the two ceramic plates. This will prevent condensation formation inside the peltier. A tube of silicon is supplied with the kit so this is no trouble.

You will also have to identify the hot side of the peltier. If you install it upside down you will burn your CPU in seconds. Take it in your hands and plug it for about 2 seconds. You will immediately see witch side is hot. Don't ever let the peltier run for more then 2~3 seconds without a heatsink on the hot side.

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