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"846Mhz is very good considering the chip could barely do 700 stable before using the peltier."

However, Donald from PelTEC informed me that he now has a new back plate design which fixes this little bug. When everything is assembled, you can reinstall the CPU on your motherboard. The peltier has a 4pin Molex connector so you can plug it right in your PSU. On my BE6-II, the peltier and Alpha bloc 2 DIMM slots out of 3. This leaves me with only one left. It's not a problem for me but it could be for some.


For testing I used a P3 600e. With the Alpha P3125 only, still the best HSF combo if you ask me, the chip was stable up to only 696Mhz (116FSB). Whatever I did, it would not run stable over this. This is pretty frustrating if you consider that a lot of 600e will do 800 and even 900Mhz. Here are the results I got with the peltier.

Test system

Slot 1 P3 600e sl3h6
128m of generic 133Mhz RAM
Alpha P3125 2x Delta 36cfm fans (thanks to Nerdsbyte)
Case open


CPU Speed FSB Voltage Lowest Temp. Highest Temp
600 100 1.65 -3 5
702 117 1.65 -1 6
762 127 1.75 0 7
800 133 1.8 3 9
846 141 1.85 5 11

846Mhz is very good considering the chip could barely do 700 stable before using the peltier. I tried it at 900 just for the kick but it would not even boot into Windows. When I ran the setup for the first time I was a little nervous. After hearing all those disaster stories related with peltier it's kind of normal. So after letting it run for a few hours I took the whole thing apart to see if any condensation had appeared. Not traces of condensation could be found, the chip was dry as a desert.


I really like this kit. As my results have shown it can really help to obtain better performance out of your CPU. However, I don't recommend this kit to everyone. If you are new to peltier technology, I recommend you read as much documentation as you can. The best security you can get is to know what you are doing. Whenever you think you are ready to jump to the dark side, visit PelTEC.

by Jean-Christophe Turcot

Price - 7 Performance - 9 Overall - 8/10

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