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"Three programs are included in the box..."


As stated before, Plextor includes a bevy of software programs to compliment your new CD-RW. Three programs are included in the box; Adaptec Direct CD, Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4, and Plextor's Manager 2000. Adaptec Direct CD allows you to use a CD just like a big floppy disk, and Easy CD Creator 4 is just as the title suggests, easy to use, yet powerful CD creation program. Plextor's Manager 2000 is a full suite of three programs: Audio Capture 2000, Disk Dupe 2000, and MVP 2000.

Audio Capture 2000 is nice little program that allows you to rip CD tracks into MP3 tracks; all will different levels of error correction. Disk Dupe 2000 allows you to make 1:1 copies of other CDs (not as well as Clone CD does though), or just make an image of the CD to your hard drive, or visa versa. MVP 2000 is just a simple program that plays audio tracks, not much unlike Winamp or Media Player.

Hey, what's the software section without the customary screen shots? 



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