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Quake 3: Arena

"ID Software almost always is the first to pioneer use of next generation technology features in their games..."

I can remember when I was in my mid teens walking down a grey street, lights from inside the rows of houses forcing the pavement into a show of sparkles as the it shun off the shimmering puddles of water. I was on my way to the market to investigate the avid rumours about a game that had graphics not to be matched and sound like no other before it. As the sun started to set on this late Autumns day I reached the location I desired, in the background a muffled rock song played and a shop attendant sat with a half eaten sandwich next to him.

The man was rather large and upon seeing me rose slowly from his chair to approach the counter where I was resting my hands awaiting assistance. I blurted out the same rumours as though I had been eating at the same time as speaking, yet somehow he seemed to understand, maybe I had spoken his language. Either way he disappeared into the back of the shop, returning with an A4 sized game box titled 'Wolfenstine3D'. I handed over my hared earned cash and that was the first moment in my life that I knew ID Software would change the face of gaming, forever.

Sequels don't get much more different!

ID Software almost always is the first to pioneer use of next generation technology features in their games and bring it together for a fulfilling experience. Wolf3D pioneered the used of a detailed 3D (2D perspective) worlds, Doom took the Wolf3D idea and added in more dimensions and graphics, then came Quake. Quake took the normal FPS game and added in 100% True 3D Polygon graphics, this didn't just start to change the way games were made but it helped to change the way hardware was as well.

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