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"Now arches and organic structures come alive with perfect curves that look almost good enough to lick."

Had ID taken any notice of levels in past Q1CTF as well as Q2CTF then they may have noticed some more unique designs. Castle assaults, river crossings and the like, yet sadly Q3A fails to bring anything above the inescapably ceiled inside designing of standard Q3A DM levels. It has you wanting to see grass or the textured equivalent like no other modern game in the known world. If you're going to make a multiplayer only game, you should really be more innovative than this (UT got it right, mostly).

Jaw dropping redefined? Q3A is THE first game to use 24Bit Textures rather than the increasingly common 16Bit, it adds tremendous detail and makes the various environments look stunning. From medieval caverns and castles to futureististic metallic structures and buildings, all look stunning, even when right up close. The engine also introduces for the first time publicly, the use of Curved Surfaces, you can forget those jagged corners and flat roofs because that's all about to change. Now arches and organic structures come alive with perfect curves that look almost good enough to lick.

The models in the game are also immaculately detailed thanks to the use of 24Bit texturing combined with overkill on polygon counts. Perhaps not quite to the level of Team Fortress2, yet easily on a par with that of Unreal Tournament's models. Weapons flash and spit bullets out with a solid and overpowering force that the new particle and high quality graphics system help to push. The graphics give a true feeling of being in another world; we haven't seen anything look this good yet.

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