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"Cheese, plain and simple, that's how we feel about the acting in the cut-scene's from RA2."

Other units such as spies can infiltrate a base enabling them to take the power offline briefly among other things, enough time to use air power and take out those nasty ground defences. This means that every new level opens up the opportunity for a fresh approach to strategy and thus rarely becomes repetitive.

Acting Like Pure Cheese

Cheese, plain and simple, that's how we feel about the acting in the cut-scene's from RA2. Ironically it's still better than TS and is closer to feeling like a low budget Sci-fi series/spin off (Andromeda) than a complete joke. We're back to the old and reliable, people speak as if to conduct you - unlike in TS where most of the time was spent watching a person supposed to be 'YOU'.

All the usual things such as regular save slots and a familiar interface inhabit the game, this sometimes makes for a certain level of C&C fan nostalgia. Those who've been playing since the days of C&C1 will feel right at home behind the command post this time around.

Game environments range from cities and important political structures to snow covered landscapes the wondrous tropical islands. The last one easily being the most visually impressive out of all the locations in the game, hard to believe voxels are behind all this.

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