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"Sound is another area that TS was wide open to criticism on, it tried to be so much like the original that it ended up sounding like it."

Thankfully they've now also got the scale right, so a single troop doesn't seem to be three stories higher than it's surroundings. It may not be ahead or even close to its time, but then RA2 is all about fun and not looks. The graphics simply aren't important in this game and this is what Tiberian Sun should have been.

On the plus side it'll run on just about anything, from an old 233Mhz Pentium to an updated 1.4Ghz wankmiester. Ironically, given the choice, we wouldn't change RA2 accept for a smoother vehicle movement perhaps.

Sounds Like a Gun To Be SIR!

Sound is another area that TS was wide open to criticism on, it tried to be so much like the original that it ended up sounding like it. That wouldn't have been so bad, but the MIDI style music and the tinny sound effects of a 6year old game are not always the prize catch!

RA2 lays waste to the miss-givings of the past and comes in with a roaring orchestral and rock/techno mixed music track and strong sound effects to boot. Garrisoned buildings clack and roar as fire lays waste to tank after tank, nuclear power plants explode - rocking the whole screen and rockets swish through the air before pounding back down to earth.

There may not be any 3D standards supported, but then you don't really need any as RA2 is just fine on its own without them.

The Verdict

Red Alert2 is a welcomed return to form for veteran C&C developers Westwood, it's a powerful, fun and original take on the C&C universe that won't be easily forgotten. They've finally seen the errors of the past and improved things for the future, which shows just what can be accomplished when you actually listen to your fans.

Earth2150 may look wonderful and have lots of options, TA might even play like a gods gift, but the fun in RA2 is new and should last just as long as those two. Our only gripe was the graphics could have been better and perhaps it's about time westwood did something new with AI? If you haven't brought anything else yet than add Red Alert2 to the list - IT ROCKS BABY!

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 7 Sound - 9 Gameplay - 9.5 Originality - 8.5
Overall - 9.0/10

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