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"In short the Diamond Rio 500 kicks major booty!"

Most of the features of the RioPort Audio Manager are pretty straightforward and none of the features are difficult to use in the least bit. On a side note, if you wish to exceed 25 (I think it was) rips off of a CD, the software forces you to register on the website, and enter the CD-KEY they supply you with. Why not just include the CD-KEY with the original purchase? Oh well.


In short the Diamond Rio 500 kicks major booty! There, nuf' said. Despite the whopping $269 retail price for this baby (not to mention the additional $60-$100 for extra memory), the Rio is definitely worth it. Don't forget that the Rio was also the first on the market with native USB support which we all know translates into super speedy (no pun intended) downloads. That and the many other well thought out features puts the Diamond Rio 500 on the top of my list of must have products. Just don't come to me asking for the money for this thing.

by Ryan Wissman

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Price - 7.0 Performance - 10.0 Overall - 9.5

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