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"Installation of drives is made really easy with this case."

The inside

From the inside this case is quite roomy, but as mid-tower cases go, nowhere near as spacious as some of the larger full tower cases such as the Addtronics cases. This case is capable of holding four 5 ¼ inch drives, as well as three 3 ½ inch drives (two external), or up to six 3 ½ inch drives with the optional internal 3 ½ inch bay cage.


First foremost, this case does not have a removable mainboard tray. When it comes to choosing a case this is a major item that needs to be included in any case that I buy. A removable mainboard tray makes it a thousand times easier to replace or service your mainboard, which I'm sure that most of use do, and often at that. A mistake such as that can weigh heavily on an overall good case; it's a shame really.

Installation of drives is made really easy with this case. There are no drive rails, which makes installation of 5-¼ inch drives a little less painful. Installation of 3 ½ inch drives are the same drill, no drive rails in sight. The inclusion of a removable hard drive tray was a welcome commodity; those this case does not come standard with one (extra $3.00) it is recommend that you purchase one.


I love thumbscrews. These nifty little screws are so utterly convenient that once you use them you'll never want to go back. For those of you who don't know what thumbscrews are, they're exactly what as name suggests, regular screws with "tops" that allow you to screw them on or off with a simple twist of the wrist. Thumbscrews are used quite a bit in this case, not just for the external covers, but also on the inside for the PCI and AGP slot holders.

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