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"Despite a few flaws, this is a fairly good case."


Despite a few flaws, this is a fairly good case. What would make this case even better would be the standard inclusion of the extra in take fans as well as a removable mainboard tray. However, I do like the set of front ports. And don't not forget that the power supply in this case if fully P4 compliant, making this an excellent case for your new Pentium 4 system. Skyhawk does not sell their products directly to the end user, so you'll need to find these cases at one of your favorite retailers such as Aberdeen Inc.

Skyhawk is currently working on a new line of aluminum cases for the high-end business user. This case will be larger to better accommodate Pentium 4 mainboards as well as give more room to work with. This case will also come standard with two intake fans, which I'm sure will lower this cases operating temperature drastically. Finally, this case will also come with a fold out mainboard tray! Skyhawk says that this case should be available by mid July 2001, and be a little more expensive than their eagle line of cases.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance/Design - 7.0 Overall - 8.5/10

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