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"Designed to allocate all of your systems resources to the programs running."


GameOS is the slimmed down version of SmartOS. Its time to put away your term paper, gaming is the focus of this shell. Intended for when you want to play games and nothing else, SmartOS is a bare bones shell. With little else than a SmartEngine selection area, and a run window, SmartOS leaves every last resource possible for your gaming experience.

With nothing more than a small orb sitting on your desktop, SmartOS takes up very little space. As long as you are familiar with your hard drive directory tree, and how to run programs, SmartOS is easy to use. Fortunately, for those unsure of were there programs are located, there is still an option to browse through your standard Explorer start menu. While not as clean cut as explorer, it takes little to no time to acclimate to the new navigation system.

The SmartEngine

The SmartEngine is the core of the performance enhancements. Designed to allocate all of your systems resources to the programs running. Not only is this ram, but processor cycles, and network priority. This results in smoother program startup, operation, and less memory leaked.

SmartEngine has three modes of operation, Application mode, Game mode, and Real-time mode. Application mode is designed for normal use, weather it be browsing the web or talking with friends. Game mode; is designed to be more aggressive to pack more power into the foreground application. Real-time mode is designed for power hungry applications that require every ounce of effort to run efficiently.

Benchmarks aside, games seam to run smoother as the level of SmartEngine goes up. Where once a game with a large amount of bots in quake3, unreal tournament, or Counter Strike, caused severe slow downs. In the Game, or Real-time mode the games ran much smoother with the same number of bots.

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