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"...but also on the agenda is that lovely AGPx4 port that fills GeForce owners with so much pride."

My Soltek currently runs @ 114Mhz FSB (228Mhz DDR) and is based off a K7-550 with a CPU core of 700Mhz, that gives it a 684Mhz output. Yet it's faster than just having a strait 700Mhz output because the increased BUS makes all the difference. 684Mhz @ 114FSB is better than 700Mhz @ 100FSB (7x) and it's noticeable in games and AGP transfers.

If this were a standard first generation Athlon board like the AsusK7M or Gigabytes one designed for Overclocking, then it'd be a lot harder to reach the FSB that high. However the new board design is so much more stable and well made that now you can reach the higher levels, just not quite 133Mhz yet =(.

A graphical powerhouse

No doubt that the 133Mhz FSB is the main talking point surrounding the new KX-133 design, but also on the agenda is that lovely AGPx4 port that fills GeForce owners with so much pride. After all, most of them including myself had to put up with below average performance from the first generation boards, so that should be fixed by now, right?

The good news is that it has been and the bad news is that there is no bad news, that's bad because at the end of the day bad news is actually good. No but wait, if the bad news is good… [Ed - Ok they get the idea]. We played a ton of games from the most advanced to the classics and all in the highest possible detail for lengthy periods of time. No hangs, weird slowdowns or bugs/troubles of any sort cared to stop by on our testing spree.

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