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"AVB panels are for the most part diffuse direct radiators."

Here is AVB Tech's explanation of their flat panel speaker technology:

AVB panels are for the most part diffuse direct radiators. That is, they produce sound by vibration of a panel. This vibration generates a complex random ripple of waveforms on the panel surface, which in an ideal model radiate sound in a circular pattern from the panel. This is different from a standard cone speaker that if we consider as a piston produces a beam of sound which in a stereo field creates the so called "sweet spot" where the two beams interact most effectively. The circular waveform of the AVB panels means that the product has a very wide sound stage. That is, the sound levels are equal across a large listening area. The "open sound" of the AVB speakers has pleasant tonal qualities that particularly suit vocals. However, and most importantly when comparing AVB technology to nxt, AVB panels do also produce certain portions of its sound in a piston like way and have a broader frequency response because of it.

Other membrane based flat speaker technologies such as electrostatic or magna-planar produce sound from a membrane that moves with the sound wave. That is, also a piston effect which in these speakers produce an extremely beam-like waveform. There is a magna-planar product marketed under the brand name Monsoon where the beam is so pronounced that it only takes a small movement of the head to hear a definite difference in the sound. The key issue here though is that membrane technologies require an array of drive points, which have inherent production cost issues.

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