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"These speakers have an affordable MSRP of $85 and a street price of around $75."


These speakers have an affordable MSRP of $85 and a street price of around $75. That makes them these speakers an excellent deal and has earned them a 9.2 rating for price.

They off excellent performance for Flat Panel Speakers and when compared to regular speakers they are average speakers that could use a more bass and power from the 2 satelittes. As I stated earlier they are average when it comes to games and below average when listening to cd's. If you will be using these speakers for gaming purposes only then I would definitely take a look at them if you need are in a cramped space. This has earned these speakers an average performance rating of 8.6.

Overall they are excellent speakers for the price, come with a cool volume control and a definite improvement over past Flat Panel Speakers. On the other hand, Flat panel speakers still have a long way to come if they are going to compete with the rest of the market. With that in mind these speakers have earned an overall score of 8.8 and I am highly looking forward to the release of their next generation flat panel speakers.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.2 Performance - 8.6 Overall - 8.8

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