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"Star Trek: Armada is the first game to brave the C&C era with any great accuracy and it's done well."

Sure sounds like Star Trek!

Armada has had its own sound track recorded and mastered the voices from the original actors into the game as a plus. The good news is that these changes are well crafted and maintain the feel and depth of the Star Trek universe, from the heart pounding battle music to the soft notoriety of Captain Picards voice. It's all high quality and put to excellent use, although don't expect A3D and EAX to be supported as they aren't.

We believe the lack of 3D/Surround Sound formats is because the scale of the game is such that no more than two speaks is required and would only serve to confuse issues. In the end it sounds like Star Trek to us and looks it at the same time, must be star Trek then - a job well done.

The Verdict

Star Trek: Armada is the first game to brave the C&C era with any great accuracy and it's done well. Even if you don't like Star Trek then this is a top class game, it's almost a tribute to Total Annihilation with its similar game mould. Those disappointed with C&C: Tiberian Sun may well find this to be what they've been looking for.

The bugs do get in the way and it might have been nice to control some of the ships from the inside (graphics and physics were good enough), however if we assume most of these issues are being fixed (been told as much) then the game is exceptional. Perhaps a few extra ships on the various sides could have helped though. Worth every cent, however those AMD/GeForce combo users should be cautious - wait and see if things get fixed first.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 8.5 Sound - 8 Gameplay - 8.5 Originality - 8.5
Overall - 8.5 (85%)

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